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Monday to Thursday
from 5pm

Friday, Saturday & Sunday
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Wednesday & Thursday
6pm to 9pm

Friday, Saturday & Sunday
12pm to 2.30pm and 6pm to 9pm

Our Location

The Queen's Head, Rede Road, Hawkedon, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk.  IP29 4NN

Tel (01284) 789 218

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Wine & Spirits

Our list is largely drawn from a wine merchant living in the adjacent village with a lively spread intended to cover the most popular grape varieties. A few more unusual wines are carefully and individually chosen by the proprietor but in all instances the accent remains firmly on quality and value. The wines are listed by price with a few helpful notes attached as appropriate.

We don’t offer formal wine service, partly because the atmosphere at The Queen is intentionally relaxed and partly because we dislike the blather that so often accompanies it. We select our bottles carefully and naturally hope to offer really interesting drinkable wine at reasonable price points, of course if you don’t agree we will replace the bottle without question.

White Wine for sale at the Hawkedon Queen
Red Wine for sale at the Hawkedon Queen
+ White Wine List + Red Wine List
Other wines and spirits for sale at the Hawkedon Queen
+ Rose Wine, Sparkling Wine
and Champagne List
+ Dessert, Fortified & Port List,
and Cognac
The Gin Vault at the Hawkedon Queen The Malt Vault at the Hawkedon Queen
+ The Gin Vault + The Malt Vault